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usj en mission

Founded in the heart of Beirut’s Université Saint Joseph, USJ in mission (l’USJ en mission) has launched a project that consists of collecting food products as well as money in order to help families in need. Its goal is to help hundreds of families from all over Lebanon face the deeply distressing economic crisis.

quadrature sarl

Quadrature’s mission is to be the preeminent expert in the construction field, making the delivery of seemingly impossible projects possible. In mathematics, the quadrature of the circle refers to the process of constructing a square with an area equal to that of a circle. The task was proved to be impossible as pi is a …

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Caritas is the official socio-pastoral arm of the local Catholic Church, working in service of the poor and advocating for the protection of all individuals and groups of people in need. Caritas contacted Warch(ée) to train women in the field of carpentry, and has made an order to produce tool boxes to be sold as …

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Goethe-Institut Libanon

FANTASMEEEM is a program initiated by the Goethe-Institut Libanon adopting a holistic approach towards fostering creative entrepreneurship as well as encouraging collaborations and knowledge sharing in the design industry in Lebanon. The program is part of an initiative funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to promote the creative industries …

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Mada is a non- partisan, non-sectarian Lebanese NGO which aims at reinforcing the relationship between local communities and their natural environment. Established in Lebanon in 2000, Mada Mada strives for the emergence of balanced communities, appreciative of diversity, open to the world, and respectful of human rights and social justice, communities that base their development …

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