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Warch(ée) is an organization founded with the purpose of integrating women to the construction field, born from the observation that in a rapidly urbanizing world, particularly in the Middle east, women are hardly ever tolerated, and even excluded from certain professions that remain the preserve of men, especially in the construction, architecture, engineering and urban planning sectors.
Some of our woodworkers come from difficult life paths, others from environments where women are confined to secondary or mediocre roles. Warch(ée) creates with them a community of builders. Watch them saw, polish, adjust, assemble and find meaning in their lives. Feel their pride and passion. Feel the strength that grows in them.

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Have you ever wondered what is the secret of the success of Scandinavian design? A Danish designer once told us: in our countries, winter months are long, hard and dark, with nights of 17 hours in December. Since we live indoors a lot, we need to surround ourselves with simple and light objects that are soothing to look at and not intrusive.
Our inspiration comes from the Nordic design geniuses who thought of objects as living mates with whom cohabitation should be pleasant.
Warch(ée) also adopts the traditional and ancestral Japanese assembly technique of Nejiri Arigata: the pieces delivered to you from our workshop with love are devoid of any nail.
Respectful of nature and the environment, they are made from surplus, scrap and recycled wood.
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