Tina Elrouss

tina is working with scientists, activists & creatives. She helps them in Marketing and
Business needs across multiple spectrums, all towards a regenerative economy.
She believes that we thrive when living in alignment with ourselves & in harmony with
each other and nature, mirroring what biodiversity and ecosystem strength is all
about. A new approach to doing business and marketing started to emerge reflecting
that. Tina’s current quest is to apply her knowledge, experiment further and support
people & young companies who have the same mindset of wanting to shape business as
a force of good. 
How can we create new approaches in the system to put more focus on a wider
definition of impact, one that is multidimensional & goes beyond only profit? Can
impact intersect with business in an honest approach? She believes it can and is on a
quest to make it happen.

tina has 13 years of experience in Marketing and Business both in Tech & Consumer
Goods across the globe, leading brands, products, campaigns & content to both impact
& growth. 
Continuously building knowledge on biodiversity and social impact, combining that
with her business acumen as well as her personality full of curiosity and courage, she
is always ahead of her game. Like those around her describe her “Tina always has two
sides. She is bold, capable yet sensitive and empathetic. Conceptual yet analytical. It is
the clash of both that makes working with her interesting and evolving”.

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