maktab(ée) roger – مكتبة روجيه

This library was inspired by Roger* and his wooden tray…


… An avid reader, a thinker, a writer and a classic music lover, Roger likes to have his books, his portable music, his phone and his pens within reach.b1 he puts it all on his wooden tray that he transports with him wherever he is seated. Based on Roger’s special tray, this modular library is an evolutive object that caters to all functional needs. *Through creating this library inspired by Roger’s way of life, the Warch(ée) team wants to recognize Roger’s support for Warch(ée)’s work specifically and for gender equality generally.

Technical Description:

one line single unit:
Russian Plywood 38.8*17

two lines single unit:
Russian Plywood 58.8*20

three lines single unit:
Russian Plywood 78.8*20

four lines single unit:
Russian Plywood 98.8*20

five lines single unit:
Russian Plywood 118.8*20

wall mount:
Beech Dowel 18.8*6.6

hanging table:
Russian Plywood
Top 65.5cmx38cm
Side 6.6cm

Russian Plywood
front 35cmx38cm
Side 6.6

one line single unit, two lines single unit, three lines single unit, four lines single unit, five lines single unit, wall mount, hanging table, Box

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