Beirut Awiy(ée) 2021-2022

Between Mai 2022 & August 2022, we have launched Tripoli Awiyee as a subproject of Beirut Awiyee with Anera as a partnering donor.
The disaster that Beirut experienced with August 4 monstruous blast at the port drove Warch(ée) to take action from a different perspective: the sudden developments in reconstruction activity and the required aid for rebuilding the city–with and by women, compelled us to request for external financial aid.
The project, “Beirut Awiy (ée)” meaning ‘Beirut is a strong city’ in Lebanese dialect, aimed to develop the skills of 100 women in the carpentry practice through 4 training sessions across each trimester.
Beirut Awiy(ée) project allowed Warchée to pre-rent its space for two years at 50% of its budget and allowed the apprentices to buy a large CNC wood router which adds a technological layer in the learning curve of the women apprentices. The focus of the production was on the relief furniture that was donated to 500 households from diverse nationalities and religious backgrounds, with the message that these are produced by women, from organizing to design and construction. The wooden elements donated were those which make many houses affected by the Beirut Blast 2020 habitable: doors, beds, partitions, chairs, tables.



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