yawmiy(ée) – يومية

A set of modules to hang on the wall as a human-sized organizer of all the elements of daily life

maktab(ée) roger – مكتبة روجيه

This library was inspired by Roger* and his wooden tray...

jals(ée) A – جلسة أ

This modular bench leaves a space between two seats for a plant or a decorative object. Its removable seats come in two different types of wood.

tawl(ée) caffeine – طاولة كافيين

A nomadic table, detachable, with four legs based on a square module, which can receive a round, removable top.

mreyt(ée) – مرايتي

This floor mirror, that tilts at will, is the essential accessory for the dressing room, the bedroom, and even the entrance for a touch-up before going out!

tawl(ée) break for three – طاولة إستراحة لثلاثة

These small flying tables are ideal to use next to any sofa for a coffee break. Stackable, they can go alone, or by two or three.

binéy(ée) – بناية

The ultimate in storage and display furniture! These stackable cubes can be used as bookcases or small side tables.

kirs(ée) – كرسة

A minimalist, elegant chair that blends into any decor with its perfect dimensions. Its slightly rounded edges add comfort to the seat.

darj(ée) 3aliy(ée) – درجة عالية

Despite appearances, this is not a ladder, but a docile valet that will carry whatever you need to hang on it.

jals(ée) B – جلسة ب

The good old garden bench, ideal for meditating in front of a landscape or a water source, or simply in your living room.
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